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Data indicating the University’s performance in the first nationwide survey on sexual assault on campus may never be released. CONTENT WARNING: Mention of sexual assault.


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  • Interview: Tessa Waters Tessa Waters is arguably Australia’s best physical sketch-comedian. Her sense of humour is novel, and weaves its way through the imagination – manifesting all kinds of hilarity from basically thin air. We race up four flights of stairs into the Radio Fodder studio, as Tessa keeps me laughing the whole way up through her funny […]
  • Interview: Rhys Nicholson Rhys is known for his incredible wit on stage, as well as his candy-coloured hair and curved cheek bones. Nominated for Best Show at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Rhys’ show this year is called I’m Fine – which is symbolic of Rhys not wanting “people to expect so much”. However, having seen Rhys’ show […]
  • Review – An Evening of Total BS Everyone knows a girl like Bec Somers. She’s that always-enthusiastic, painfully-shallow girl who won’t stop bragging about being toned, vegan and gluten-free. Melissa Tracina, under the direction of Tim McDonald, adopts the persona of Bec Somers – ‘a wellness coach, health blogger, nutritionist, naturopath, and nutritiopath.’ The show parodies the often ridiculous and unrealistic nature […]
  • Review – Shut Your Juicy Mouth Shut Your Juicy Mouth was an ensemble comedy experience. Held in the intimate space of the Loop Bar, it featured three comedians with 15 minute sets. The night was engaging and warm. All comics bringing their own strange taste of the world to the stage. Phoebe O’Brien, Anthony McCormack and Stephen Porter each shared with us […]
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  • I Ate My Twin in the Womb As a child, the highlight of every trip to the Melbourne Aquarium was the ‘oceanarium’ – a 2.2 million litre tank encircling the viewing space. It was a magical experience being immersed in the watery world of its marine inhabitants, with bright coral climbing up the sides, stingrays gliding above and fish of every hue […]
  • Decree 770 CONTENT WARNINGS: ABORTION, MATERNAL DEATH Following the overthrow of Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceaușescu, harrowing footage of overflowing state-run institutions for abandoned children shook the world. These frightened and severely neglected children were the product of a society who were forced to live with harsh pro-natalist policies. Romania’s suppression of abortion rights under Nicolae Ceaușescu’s leadership is […]
  • The ShitRedditSays Community CONTENT WARNINGS: SEXUAL ASSAULT, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, They are one of the most hated communities on Reddit and, consequently, the internet. Whenever another Reddit community is banned, users cry out talking of double standards. What’s more, they are frequently compared to these banned communitiess, such as a forum to denigrate the overweight and a hub for […]
  • Music As Protest CONTENT WARNINGS: RACISM, VIOLENCE, SLURS/SWEARING Under overcast Sunday skies in Cleveland, police cars and protesters intermingle in a messy foray. Amongst the chaos, a singular chant rings out in a burning ritualistic reverberation: ‘Nigga, we gon’ be alright / We gon’ be alright.’ Rarely has a social movement generated as much controversy in America as […]
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  • The Short and Melancholy Tale of Ghost Boy and His Ever-Vanishing Dream Little ghost boy dreamt That he might be Accepted to college; Maybe two! Maybe three! But every reply Without fail read “We cannot accept you Because you are dead.”
  • Come to Dinner “Come to dinner,” she’d said. One by one, speech slurs. A fork clatters. A slop signals that it has begun. As clarity claims their eyes, poison claims her guests. She dabs a napkin to her mouth and returns to the meal.
  • Peachy My watch starts beeping at 11a.m. I excuse myself and head to the bathroom. I find a cubicle with a working lock and inspect my nappy. Some spotting, kind of orangey-yellow, like peaches. Well, I haven’t been drinking much this morning and hydration is the key to a clearer flow. But this is a good […]
  • Fiona Fiona the Monkey woke up alone, discontented and tearful, for she had dreamt of her beloved, who loved her no more. The pair had been running in a field, spinning in messy circles amongst the tall grass, Fiona swathed in pink cloth and her lover dressed in yellow. How beautiful they looked together in the […]
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  • The Age of Monsters There was a time when giants ruled the Earth. I do not mean the muscular figures of mythology. The ones with the raggedy underwear and tree-sized clubs, facing down pint-sized heroes that carry golden swords. I mean real giants, as tall as your house. Giants who roamed the land once and then afterwards left a […]
  • A Sea of Isolation It is cold. The sky is endlessly grey, and light snow falls lazily, catching on the cuffs of my jacket. A few scattered mounds of scuffed ice cling to the pavement. I tuck my chin into my chest, ducking my head against the bitter wind that weaves between the buildings of a restored city. I […]
  • Little Red Scars CONTENT WARNINGS: VIOLENCE, SELF HARM As a child, I remember sneaking into my parents’ storage closet to look at piles and piles of documents and photos. What I didn’t know then was that among all of those forgotten memories sat a family heirloom that held generations of pain and trauma. They were a pair of […]
  • Eating Ourselves Into Extinction It is no secret that we are heading towards an apocalypse that would give even Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money. The 21st century has nine out of the ten warmest recorded years of history. We are well on our way to securing the two degrees Celsius increase in our global temperature. […]
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  • "When the state usurps the private, the body is undressed in public" - Decree 770, words by Ellen Muller. Artwork by Lisa Linton 🥀 Find it in Farrago Edition II, Pg 29.
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  • 'Still, both Caesar and John had time to reflect on any wasted time as the life slowly slipped from the grasp of their bodies. What is truly wasted time and what are the moments we will regret upon death?' Read James Gordon's musings on wasted time throughout history. 
Graphics by Cornelius Darrell. 
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  • "Don't lie. Don't you guys just pick up any old name tag from the staff counter and wear it?" - My name is not Emily. Words by Emily Li📃📄 Artwork by Sarah Leong ✍🏻
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