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Interview: Anne Edmonds

When Anne Edmonds first performed stand-up comedy she had a “light-bulb moment,” where the rush of the crowd laughing ignited her passion to make a career out of it. Since she was a student at The University of Melbourne, Anne has featured on TV shows such as Have You Been Paying Attention and Fancy Boy, […]

Interview: Sami Shah

Sami Shah was the first person in Pakistan to perform a one-hour stand-up comedy show. Incredibly, it was Sami’s first time doing stand-up. “If it had of gone badly, I would never have done it again,” Sami says. We’re all blessed that his Pakistani audience took such a shining to him. A remarkable tale of […]

Interview: Susie Youssef

Near crippling anxiety isn’t usually a trait many would ascribe to a successful comedian.

Interview: Sam Taunton

Last time he was at UniMelb a sausage was thrown at him from a BBQ adjacent to the stage where he was preforming a stand-up gig on North Court.

Review: Ken’s Quest

Cher Chidzey’s novel, Kens Quest, takes the reader on a journey with Ken, a Chinese immigrant who travels to Australia to start a new life. The novel explores the challenges and trials that come with migration through Ken’s struggle to obtain permanent residency due to his status as an ‘illegal’ immigrant. The novel explores the ways people from different cultures […]

The Tourist Bubble

During the mid-year break I made the spontaneous decision to take a solo overseas trip to Russia. As a history major, Russia provided me the same level of excitement as a weeklong pub crawl would for any regular 22-year-old. Interestingly, not everyone shared my enthusiasm. The response from my family and friends was one of […]

Total Recall

When you heard the news about the new Spider-Man movie you probably thought: Seriously? Another one? Do they not know movies to make anymore? The notion that Hollywood is running out of new, original ideas is not a new one. Adaptations, reboots or remakes are all the movie industry seems to be churning out these […]